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“I came into Mario's care after years of struggling to find a clinician willing to listen to me and adequately address my ever worsening chronic mobility issues. Mario not only listened to my answers but expressed genuine interest and concern far beyond what I had ever experienced with anyone else. He even brought my case back to my primary care doctor (ON HIS OWN TIME!!!), who then finally took my concerns seriously and provided the referrals and eventual treatment that I had so desperately needed. In no sense am I being melodramatic in saying that he saved my life by giving me all the care, knowledge, and confidence that I could get better when I was on the verge of giving up hope entirely. Half a year later, I am back to activities I did not dream of ever returning to and am forever grateful for having attended his clinic"


“As someone who has struggled with chronic back pain for over a decade, I have come across many medical professionals who have swept me under the rug. From not examining me fully, to pushing me to have surgery, and everything in between, I was convinced my issues would never improve. Meeting Mario restored my hope in medical professionals. Not only did he take the time to actually listen to me, he took me seriously and worked relentlessly to find a method of treatment that worked best for my body. Mario understands that a 'one size fit' approach does not apply to his patients when it comes to treatment. He's kind, extremely knowledgeable, skilled, and he genuinely cares. Mario has been a saving grace in my life and I can't thank him enough for all he has done for me."


"I would like to compliment Mario and Lia on the great care they have given me as their patient. I was experiencing neck pain from a bulging disc. Due to my schedule I could only make my appointments at 6am. They were there for me every time and never missed a day. They are so kind, caring, and genuine. They are very knowledgeable and thorough. I would make them my first choice if I have to do PT again. "

Dr Mike

"I'm a long time sufferer of Interstitial Cystitis, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, and a confusing, agonizing slew of other issues I had only dreamed of healing from until I met Lia. She's thorough and has such a wonderful knowledge of the human body and it's interconnectedness. If you're anything like me, and others that suffer with similar problems, you've probably had a good run with doctors and other professionals that write off what you're experiencing. I can't say enough what a validating, relieving, life-changing journey I've had with Lia as my specialist, even in just a short amount of time and I love knowing that others who experience the pain and distress I do aren't without help thanks to people like Lia." 


"Lia's knowledge of the body and mind is astounding! She is easy-going and calm, yet detailed and intuitive. She understood my schedule made it difficult to come for regular appointments. She worked with me on stuff I could do at home to maintain my progress. She provided me with modified versions of the hands-on therapy she did during our sessions. Our sessions were always one-on-one...I know with Lia teaching, guiding and empowering me, I will continue to grow stronger!" 


Mario has been my PT for quite a few years now, seeing me through a variety of orthopedics problems such as bulged lumbar discs, neck pain, and most recently post meniscus surgery. He treats with knowledge, compassion, and a "whole person" outlook when assessing and planning your care. I had a very quick recovery post surgery in December, due to his skill and encouragement. I have also had him treat my 19 year old son, an athlete, for knee and back injuries. Mario was phenomenal with him; explaining what was wrong and what he needed to do for himself at home in order to look after his body while training. I would wholeheartedly recommend him! 


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